The course and the commute was messing me up, throwing off my schedule, but NO EXCUSES.  Had.  To.  Get It.  So.  Goddamn.  Hungry.  Went to the studio determined to get in some pushes tonight.  Whip out the Uni mask!  That’s when you know shttt just got REAL.

Warmup 20 min elliptical

Superset Standing Press and Face Pulls (rest 60 sec b/w supersets)

95 x 12 / 90 x 10
95 x 12 / 90 x 10
95 x 12 / 90 x 10
95 x 12 / 90 x 10
95 x 10 / 100 x 10



Seated DB Power Cleans (rest 30-45 sec)

15s x 15
15s x 15
15s x 15


notes:  Rotator Cuffs are my weak point, so I can go light and still get a solid workout.  Remember to keep the elbows up.  I consider this very developmental.  It ain’t all glory and big pulls.  Some times it’s strengthening up the foundations.

Twist Press (60 sec rest)

40s x 10
45s x 10
50s x 10
55s x 10
60s x 10


notes:  I lifted much of this workout from the Kroc workout on the M&S website.  In this press, you corkscrew up, touching the pinky ends of the DBs together at the top.  Feelsgoodbro, trust me.

Leaning Cable Side Raises (30 sec rest)

20 x 15/15
20 x 15/15
20 x 15/15

notes:  Get more ROM when you hang off the machine!

Rear Delt Cable Flys (30 sec rest)

40 x 15
40 x 15
40 x 15

notes:  Nice and slow, activate those rear delts!  Lots of low weight high rep goodness.

DB Shrugs (30s rest)

80s x 15
90s x 12
90s x 10


notes:  Hold at the top for a squeeze for a second or two.  The grease stains on my shirt are from the twist press, haha.

Of course, 5 min later when I was racking the 90s, I had a MAJOR cramp in my neck, from those damn shrugs.  Needed a quick massage to work it out.

The workout felt good!  Things are finally starting to fall into place.  You know the feeling when your mind and body starts clicking together in unison.  I am starting to build up some momentum, feeling mean and hungry and ready to give this cut 100%!  All the way.  In it for the long haul.

Even had time to pose and have some fun with my friend Lucas.  I can feel the hunger through my screen!  Get scared.