Biceps SO sore!  Good DOMS man.  Powered up by flax and greek yogourt, I headed down in the morning to go for another round of QBM

Superset Widegrip Pulldowns and Underhand Pulldowns

Widegrip 120 x 10 NO REST 135 x 10 NO REST 150 x 10 NO REST Underhand 150 x 8
rest 45 sec
Wide 150 x 10 / Under 150 x 12
rest 45 sec
Wide 150 x 10 / Under 150 x 8

notes: Does that make sense?  You pyramid up twice with no rest on the widegrip as a way of pre-exhausting, then bang out your working supersets of widegrip and underhand pulldowns.  I thought this weight would be VERY do-able, but I was gassed as FUKK.  Couldn’t hit my goal reps, not even close.

Superset Closegrip Row and Wide High Row (elbows high) (45 sec rest)

120 x 25, 10 partial / 120 x 10
120 x 25, 1 partial / 120 x 12
120 x 25, 1 partial / 120 x 12

notes: After 25 full reps, I just COULD NOT hit those partials any more, which to me means I no longer could control the weight.  I would try to stop halfway through the ROM and my body groaned to STOP.  Just brutal!  Not even close on my goal number of partial reps.  Not even close, my friend.

Bent Over 2 DB Row (elbows stay high, 30 sec rest)

25s x 15
30s x 15
35s x 15
40s x 15
45s x 15

notes: Having been humbled on the cable rows, I went extra light on the DB rows, shortened the rest and added a few extra sets, so I could try and get more good solid work in.  Worked my way up a bit.

Assisted Hammergrip Pullups (30 sec rest)

10, 12, 6

notes: Was just trying to bang out as many as I could, and on the 3rd set, this fkkin WEIRD dude starts doing bicep curls right next to me and letting out wails like a tortured dog!  Freaked me out and killed my concentration, so I ended it and walked away.  Dude needs to work on his gym grunts.

Hyperextensions (30 sec rest)

15, 15, 15

notes: As per Mr. Hatch, for these, you make a “snakelike” sort of wave motion with your upperbody, to put more work on your lower back, and take the work away from your glutes, hips, hams.  Makes sense if you see it, go watch the video, haha!  Definitely made me feel it in my low back!

Superset Straight Bar Pushdowns and Reverse Grip Pushdowns

Straight 100 x 10 NO REST 110 x 10 NO REST 120 x 10 NO REST Reverse 120 x 5+5 (did a rest-pause)
Rest 45 sec
120 x 10 / 120 x 8
Rest 45 sec
120 x 10 / 120 x 8

notes:  again, pre-exhaust pyramid up and then bang out your working supersets.  120 was doable on the straight push, but just could not get ‘er done on the reverse grip.  So tired!  Wasn’t too far off on the goal reps though, just fell a little short.

Overhead Rope Extension (45 sec)

80 x 15
80 x 15
80 x 13

notes:  so tired!  this weight is normally do-able for me, but was running out of gas today.

Bench Dips

2, 3 !!!!!!

notes:  Ohhhh shttttt, my triceps were SO pumped by this point, could not get a decent bend in my elbows as I lowered to the dip.  This transferred the work into my shoulders, which immediately began screaming at me.  Ridonculous!  Triceps too pumped to do bench dips.  I gave up and hit the cardio.

post-workout cardio 25 min elliptical

Ya, this workout defeated me, lol.  Kicked my butt, and I went too heavy even though the weights were lighter than usual, which blows my mind.