Nothing left to believe in any more but me.



Day 25:  High Fat Day / QBM Legs


Leg Extensions (45 sec rest)

80 x 10 RAISE 90 x 10 RAISE 100 x 10
100 x 10 RAISE 110 x 10 RAISE 120 x 10
120 x 10 RAISE 130 x 10 RAISE 140 x 10


notes:  Basically 3 sets with pre-exhaust built in.  felt pretty good, could have gone heavier, maybe I wasn’t aggressive enough.  Would rather save this as a finisher and go heavy as FUARK.  But a decent warmup.

45 Degree Leg Press (45 sec rest)

4 plates x 10 RAISE 5P x 10 RAISE 6P x 10
8 Plates x 30
10 Plates x 10, RESTPAUSE, x 9, RP, x 8, RP, x 7, RP, x 6, RP, x 5, RP, x 4, RP, x 3, RP, x 2, RP, x 1

notes:  did that make sense?  a pre-exhaust set, a high rep set, then a “suicide set”: reps, rest pause 5 seconds, do more reps, working your way up to 55 reps!  I wasn’t sure what my weight tolerance was for that, so maybe I was conservative, I am confident I could have gone higher than 10 plates on that mess, although I WAS rather light-headed when I got up, lol

Superset Narrowstance Hack Squats and Widestance Kettlebell Squats (45 sec rest)

2 plates x 15 / 25 lb KBs x 15
2 plates x 15 / 25 lb KBs x 15
2 plates x 15 / 30 lb KBs x 15

notes:  Maybe the Leg Press fried me more than I thought!  I tried 4 plates on the Hacks, gave up on that chit FAST.  Just focused on getting low, on both.  45 sec rest on these was major pain!

Superset Standing Leg Curl and Stepback Lunges (used Leg Extension Machine for the Curls, used glidepad for the lunges, 45 sec rest)

50 x 10/10 RAISE 60 x 10/10 RAISE 70 x 10/10 & Partial 10/10  /  20 Stepback Lunges
70 x 10/10 & Partial 10/10  /  20 Stepback Lunges
70 x 10/10 & Partial 10/10 & Manual Pressure IsoHold  /  20 Stepback Lunges

notes:  Complicated on paper, but otherwise simple.  You do a pre-exhaust on the first superset.  You do 10 reps on the curls and 10 partials every time.  On the last set I threw in an isohold with the trainer pushing down on my leg, lol.  Stepback lunges were just bodyweight, but my form chews cawk on those, so I used the glidepad on my back foot and just kept reppin them out, constant movement.

Superset Prone Leg Curls and DB SLDL (45 sec rest)

70 x 20, 10 partial / 50s x 12
70 x 20, 10 partial / 50s x 12

notes: The QBM workout asks that you do 10 widestance and 10 narrowstance, but this prone curl station doesn’t have wide enough pads for that, so I just did 20 straight reps then 10 partials. I hadn’t done DB SLDL in a while and just wanted to focus on my form, so I went light and kept it slow and controlled and tried to feel every rep. My trainer was very good in monitoring my form weaknesses.

We had to cut the 3rd set out b/c we were out of time, and we also had to cut the adductor exercises.  Oh well.

Its Friday night and the legs are worn out!  Yeehaw!!