Deplete Day / Chest and Tris

Diet tweaked, prepare to have your minds blown out your arseholes.

Went into the gym for a noontime workout.  OMG the cheesecake and beefcake (for the ladies) on display today!  Amazing.  Holla back yung’n whoowhoo!!!  Gym was so crowded though, couldn’t reliably do supersets, so I dropped the rest times here and there and just did straight sets.

Superset Incline DB Press & DB Rotator Cuff Work (60 sec rest)

65s x 12 / 15 lb DB taken through rotator cuff ROM, 15 times per arm
65s x 12 / ROTO
65s x 12 / ROTO
65s x 12 / ROTO

notes:  The first set felt rather painful on the shoulder, so I increased the rest and did some extra rotator cuff warmup.  Found the sweet spot for how I bring the weight down during the negatives, and the 2nd sets onwards felt much better.

Incline DB Fly (30 sec rest, arms slight bend only)

40s x 10
40s x 10
40s x 10
40s x 10

notes:  Went a little lighter and would hold at the bottom of the rep for a second or two, getting that good stretch in.

Decline Bench (30 sec rest)

135 x 15
135 x 13
135 x 10

notes:  30 second rests really did me in on this one!

Cable Crossovers (mid-height, 45 sec rest)

121 x 12
143 x 12
165 x 10

notes:  These were feeling pretty good on this machine, arms slight bend only (couldn’t go full straight, the anchors were too close together behind me)

Assisted Chest Dips (30 sec rest)

15, 12, 10, 9, 7

notes:  Just a bunch of sets, low rest, finish the chest off.

Incline Skullcrushers (bench one rung above flat, 45 sec rest)

60 x 15
60 x 12
60 x 13

notes:  Salt N Pepa Push It playing on the video screen during these sets, AWWW YEAHHHH.  Decent motivation, lol

One Arm Tri Extensions (palm down, no rest, back and forth arm to arm)

61 x 6/12
50 x 8/11
39 x 12/14

notes:  I normally do these hammergrip, these felt TOUGH AS CHIT.  Had to keep dropping the weight.

Overhead Tricep Extensions (straight bar, 45 sec rest)

105 x 15
116 x 14
116 x 10

notes:  weights are weird cause of kilo measurements on the plates, LOL

post-workout 30 min elliptical

And then back home!  easy-peasy.