Had fantasies of working out this morning, but evening workouts always hit me hard, so when I woke up this morning everything hurt.  Everything.  Except my legs.  And even on my legs, my feet were in pain.

So I compromised, I moved the workout to lunchtime, went to the office gym, and improvised a quick and nasty legs workout just to test out how my feet feel.

45 Degree Leg Press (feet high and wide, 30-60 sec rest)

2 plates x 10
4 plates x 10
6 plates x 10
8 plates x 10
10 plates x 10
12 plates x 10
14 plates x 10
16 plates x 10
18 plates x 10
20 plates x 10

notes:  Just started out light and kept climbing.  When I went from 12 to 14 plates I increased the rest from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.  Felt good, some major burning on my IT Bands though, might need those RMT’ed.  On the positive note, my feet felt good!  I thought it was important to test them out in a relatively controlled environment like the leg press though.  If you count the warmups, it was 10 sets, sounded nice and even.

Leg Extensions (45 sec rests)

15 x 10 UP 30 x 10 UP 45 x 10, rest
45 x 10 UP 60 x 10 UP 75 x 10, rest
75 x 10 UP 90 x 10 UP 105 x 10, rest
105 x 10 UP 120 x 10 UP 135 x 10. rest
135 x 10 UP 150 x 7

notes:  Basically, run the stack (or try).  2 pre-exhausts followed by the main set, rest 45 seconds, keep the weight from the prev set as the pre-exhaust.  Basically just an attempt to run the stack, haha.  If you count all the pre-exhausts and warmups, it was 14 sets, which sounded awesome, even though half of them were pretty light, they ALL feel SORTA heavy by rep 30, LOL.

Prone Leg Curl (45 sec rest)

45 x 20, 10 partials (top half of ROM)
60 x 20, 10 partials
75 x 20, 10 partials
90 x 20

notes:  When it was time to do the partials on the 4th set, my body just said FUKK this and I lay there, lol.  So I knew I was done.

Whole thing took maybe 40 min, I showered, went back to work.  Quick and nasty!