Hello! It has been a while!  I haven’t stopped cutting, I did a weighin, took pics, then took a deload week.


Down to 263!  I weigh what I did in high school, which is crazy 🙂  During my deload, I retested my one rep maxes in the big lifts, and I have lost strength in bench press and squats, but somehow GAINED strength and hit a new 1RM in deadlifts and presses.  Weird!  But I need to build my strength up in general, my poverty bench and squats are marked for death.


For the next little while, I will be going back to 5/3/1, with some pump-oriented assistance work.  So let’s start it off with Arm Day!


Superset Rope Pushdowns & Standing DB Curl (no supination, 3 sec negatives on the curls, 45 sec rest b/w Ssets)

94 x 15 / 25s x 15
110 x 15 / 25s x 15
110 x 15 / 25s x 13
110 x 15 / 25s x 11

notes: 3 second negatives started to wear me down! I stopped a set when I stopped doing the curls cleanly, the TUT was making me feel like a hyooge poosy. I haven’t done these since the early Fall, have to get used to them again. Worked like a charm though, felt a huge pump by the 3rd set!

Superset Cambered Bar Curls & Bench Dips (3 sec negs on the dips, 45 sec rest)

80 x 8 / 8 dips
80 x 8 / 8
80 x 7 / 8
80 x 8 / 8

notes: If the curls weren’t clean I didn’t count them, and the 3rd set just couldn’t make it work right. the dips were too easy, even with the slow negs, but a dip station is too hard on my bum shoulder, so I will try elevating my feet or something. Lost the pump a bit because the reps dropped down from 15 to 8, but I wanted to get some heavy work in.

Superset Decline Skullcrushers & DB Hammer Curls (skulls to nose, 45 sec rest)

60 x 15 / 30s x 15
60 x 15 / 30s x 15
60 x 15 / 30s x 15
60 x 15 / 30s x 15

notes: maybe conservative with the weight but it was the end of the workout and I wanted to see how the overall routine felt. Ready to go up on these.

post-workout cardio 20 min LISS elliptical, enjoying the view

And that was that! Really quick and simple, which is fine by me. I am used to more grueling arm workouts, but massive supplemental Arm days I have found can detract from the real 5/3/1 work, so no worries.