Worked out with the PT today!  Yesssss!


Superset Standing OHP and Over & Backs with the resistance band (traded sets, my set was her rest)

55 x 5 / 8 o&b
65 x 5 / 8
80 x 5 / 8
90 x 5 / 8
100 x 5 / 8
115 x 9 / 8



notes: Happy with my work with the AMRAP set. Numerically that ties my 150 for 1 PR. Even more awesome, my trainer shared my weight! She only did strict presses for the first 3 sets for AMRAP, then she switched to Push Presses (I stayed strict of course). She did 115 for 1, could have done more I think! Strong lady!

Superset Pec Minor Dips and Over & Backs (traded sets)

12 / 8
12 / 8
12 / 8
12 / 8



notes: First time doing pec minor dips! Felt good, will keep doing them to build up my MMC, both pecs and scapulae.

Bent Over DB Fly Burn Set (one set only)

10s x 20 then 10s “hang & swing” for 30 reps


notes: My form is junk on the full ROM, so I need to go light. Face down on an incline bench, do 20 good reps, THEN a hang and swing is when you let the weight hang down and just flex your rear delts to bring it back only 6-8 inch ROM. First time doing these, so I would tense up my chest to help me flex my rear delts, and not use my traps. I used the light weight again to get a feel for the movement, so I had to squeeze hard on the flex, but felt it pretty good. will go heavier next time.

Superset Spider Crawls & Over & Backs (traded sets)

45 seconds / 8
45 seconds / 8
45 seconds / 8
45 seconds / 8


notes: spider crawl from above my head to down past my waist and back up, keeping constant big tension. They should burn by the end!

This workout isn’t a lot of press volume, but felt really good for the full ROM nature. As a dude with a bum shoulder, this workout was well worth it. The best thing I can say about it is that normally when I finish a chest or shoulder workout, my shoulder is groaning when I take my shirt off. After this one, my shoulder felt GOOD when I took my shirt off! Like it was the same exercise I had been doing for the last 40 min.

No cardio today, lol. F it! I gots chicken to cook.

Thought I would bookend it with my workout partner pressing 100!