Bring on the slow pump!

Pure pump day! My arms respond well to this stuff, so I knew I would be in for some swell.

I also wanted to burn some calories, so I got in some aggressive cardio beforehand – 2 Spin classes back to back, 2 hours of intervals with varying resistance. Plus the scenery Since the cardio was so long, I saved most of the preworkout routine for right after cardio, let it percolate for 30 min, then hit Arms.

Arm Pump

pre-workout cardio 2 hours Spin

Superset Rope Pushdowns and Standing Slow Neg DB Curls (45 sec rest b/w supersets, no twisting of the arms, 3 second negative on every curl)

110 x 13 (spreading hands apart at bottom) / 25s x 15
100 x 15 (spread hands) / 25s x 15
100 x 15 (hands stay together) / 25s x 15
110 x 15 (hands together) / 25s x 15

notes: I spread my hands apart to both sides of my body at the bottom of my pushdows at the start, but then as the sets wear on and I get tired, I keep my hands together and pump the rep out, making sure to maintain full ROM – biceps touch forearms at the top, straighten out arms and flex triceps at the bottom.

110 was too heavy on the first set of pushdowns, so I dropped the weight, but brought it back up by the 4th set.

By the 3rd set, the slow neg curls were wearing me out! Took a rest-pause during the 3rd set, and had to set the DBs down for a second on the 4th set. But I made sure I got every rep done.

the pump was rocking on these! I would split up my 45 seconds between each superset like this: 30 secs twisting and flexing my arms, then when the pump would get too intense, spend 10 or so seconds shaking them loose again, haha. My new arm vein friends came out to play again.

Superset Cambered Bar Curls and Slow Neg Bench dips (45 sec rest, feet elevated on dips)

80 x 8 / 8 dips
80 x 8 / 8
80 x 8 / 8
80 x 8 / 8

notes: Went a little better than last week. Feet-elevated dips feel chitty on my shoulder, but slow negs kept me from snapping my chit up.

Pump pain faded a bit, but I think it brought some size in.

Superset Decline Skullcrushers & DB Hammer Curls (slight decline, 45 second rest)

65 x 15 / 35s x 15
65 x 15 / 35s x 15
65 x 15 / 35s x 15
65 x 15 / 35s x 15

notes: Went up in weight this week. Devoted decline bench was busy, so I put 2 nickel plates under a flat bench and used that. Feels harder with a shallower decline! Had to take a few RPs during the last 2 sets of hammer curls. The pump was out of control! Had to bend over to brush the hair out of my face! Arms would not bend, HAHA!

Ya, the pump was on. Both tightness and size. Where are the lady-friends during these arm workouts?? they need to partake of this gun show, for real.