I was SO exhausted today. I suffered from killer insomnia last night, pills, powders, nothing worked. I prob got 3 hours tops. I was so tired today I was sweating for no reason. Like when I get overtired I can’t cool down and end up overheating all day. Work kinda sucked, I was dragging ass.

I talked it over with my trainer, and she got my confidence up, so I put my big boy pants on, and showed up after work to push some iron on an empty tank.

will go to bed early and try to catch up on sleep


pre-workout cardio 8 min elliptical

Superset Standing OVerhead Press and Over & Backs w/ Resistance Band (60-120s rest)

55 x 5 / O&B x 8
65 x 5 / 8
80 x 5 / 8
95 x 3 / 8
110 x 3 / 8
120 x 5 / 8


notes: I did not bad, afaic. No PRs, but I hit my goal reps and then some.

I wanted a second shot at the cage presses I was denied last Thursday, so we decided to throw some of those in.

Cage Press (45 sec rest, with trap squeeze at top)

45 x 5
65 x 5
75 x 5
95 x 5
95 x 5


notes: They sure make a lot of noise, but were fun! Good trap squeeze.

Rear Delt Incline Fly Destroyer Set (one set only)

15s x 20 full ROM then 25s x 30 hang & swings


notes: Argh! these murder! Trainer said she could see some size in my shoulders though!

Superset Spider Crawls and Over & Backs (45 sec rest)

45 sec / 8
45 sec / 8
45 sec / 8
45 sec / 8

Superset Minor Chest Dip and Over & Backs


We fit in a lot in just an hour! Would have chalked this up as a good session even if I was 100%!

post-workout cardio 15 min elliptical