Fourth day in a row, shoulders and chest 2 days after doing chest and shoulders.  This workout wore me out!  Woooo!!!!  Gonna have to say I earned my rest day tomorrow!  Maybe my shoulders don’t have the endurance to do 2 big workouts 2 days apart.  Nice try though, haha!

Overhead Press and Assistance

Superset Standing Overhead Press and Over & Backs  (60s rest between supersets)

55 x 5 / O&B x 8

70 x 5 / OB 8

85 x 5 / 8

90 x 5 / 8

105 x 5 / 8

120 x 9 / 8

notes:  Not bad!  Had to use a cambered bar, and cleaned it from the floor start of each set.  Cambered actually makes it a bit easier, I wonder if it’s because the weight is all closer together?  Less to balance?  I like to use quarter plates because of the smaller diameter, less chance of it banging into my wrists.


Superset Weighted Minor Chest Dips and Rear Delt DB Flys (30s rest)

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

notes:  Squeeze a dumbbell between my legs for the dips.  Worked fine.  Lowered the rest to 30 seconds, and my rear delts were burning so hard by the end!  I should have known it was all downhill from here, HAHAHA


Superset Hex Press and Spread-Aparts w/ Resistance Band  (45s rest, hold the squeeze for 1 second at the peak contraction of the spreadaparts)

55s x 10 / 10 spreads

55s x 10 / 10

55s x 10 / 5

55s x 4 / 10

notes:  Dying!  On the third set I couldn’t do a 6th spread apart.  I rested for a second or two, and tried to do more, but I couldn’t get one.  My shoulders were dying.  On the 4th set, I couldn’t even stabilize the dumbbells any more to mash them together for the hex press, so I had to stop.  Although I took a wider grip on the spread aparts so I could get all 10.


Superset 6-Way and Over & Backs  (45s rest)

10s x 10 / 15 O&Bs

10s x 10 / 13

10s x 10 / 10

notes:  My shoulders couldn’t take the over & backs, they were toast.  The 6-Ways were grueling too.  It was a real gut check at this point just to do all 3 sets, I needed to dig deep.  You don’t need heavy weight to rip your shoulders to shreds!

 Then off to work!  Oh ya, did I mention this workout was at 6:30 am?  HAHAHA.  Crazy times.