Decided I really wanted to get in some deadlifting today, so I split my workout into 2 parts:  dedicated deadlift session first thing in the morning, and Back Assistance at lunch.

AM Deadlifts – 6:30 yeahhhh boyyyyyy, grip it and rip it

(60 – 120s rest, double overhand until I broke 300, then mix grip)

155 x 5

190 x 5

230 x 5

270 x 3

310 x 3

345 x 6

365 x 1

385 x 1

notes:  Back was feeling great!  Swole, strong, wide, fired up.  After my AMRAP set, did a few more heavy singles.  Stopped after Set 8 because I didn’t feel like lockout was tight enough.  Plus you know… I had to go do my actual job.  For pay.  haha


Lunchtime Back Assistance


Landmine Rows (30s rest, coworker stood on the bar tip)

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

notes:  This is the only barbell, and my coworker needed it to do bench press.  So I made him keep it steady and busted out my sets fast.


Incline DB Pullovers  (45s rest, constant tension reps)

70 x 12

70 x 12

70 x 12

notes:  ROM is really short if you want constant tension, but it’s the best for me to really feel the spring getting coiled up in my lats.


Lat Stretchers  (30s rest, explosive reps)

37.5 x 8

77.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

notes:  First time doing these, I should explain.  Put a bench up against the cables, or pulldown station.  Put a foot against the bench to brace yourself, but stay standing, don’t sit down.  Use a closegrip handle and row the cable to your chest, then on the negative, let your head drop between your arms and STRETCH your lats out!  Feels great!  This cable station doesn’t go very high, so I made the reps explosive.


Seated good Mornings (30s rest)

bar x 12

115 x 15

then I helped my coworker get through the rest of his workout (which I wrote), then tada!  Done deal!  Back officially worked.