Back at the trainer for Leg Day!  It paid off immediately, because even though I didn’t get to do all the exercises I wanted to do, the ones I DID do saw me get pushed farther than I would have pushed myself… sign of a good coach!


Squats – (60-120s rest)

105 x 5

130 x 5

155 x 5

180 x 3

210 x 3

235 x 10

notes:  Huge improvement!  Was only gunning for 8 reps on the AMRAP, and Coach pushed me to 10!  Beauty!


Prone Leg Curls (45s rest)

90 x 6

90 x 6

90 x 6 DROP 65 x 8 DROP 40 x 30

notes:  Those drop sets were too easy, I need to go heavier.


Leg Extensions  (one continuous set)

180 x 8 DROP 150 x 8 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 single leg reps x 6/6

notes:  Did this instead of leg press, again could def go heavier!

 Lunges (30s rest)

stepback lunges x 10/10

walking lunges with 30 lb KBs x 10/10

notes:  Running short on time!

DB SLDL (30-45s rest)

75s x 8

75s x 8

75s x 8

no time for calves!  oh well, will do tomorrow.  squeezed hard for time, had to improvise.