The end of a very solid week for strength gains!  Things are falling into place.  Enjoying the routine!


warmup  DeFranco Agile 8


Squats  (wore the Romaleos)

warm-up (1 min rest)

110 x 5

135 x 5

160 x 5

main (2-3 min rest) (wore belt)

205 x 5

230 x 3

255 x 8


notes:  The AMRAP set was a strong set, so I winked at my trainer, and we decided to make a run for a new PR.


Joker Sets  (2-3 min rest)

280 x 1

305 x 1

315 x 1


notes:  Great Success!!


My progress with the squat is most welcome.  I have been lagging in that for a while, and 3 Wheels is a big step up for me.  Next up, 320 – this would put me in the Intermediate category for my weight class (as per



Deadlifts (60-90 sec rest) (barefoot)

190 x 10

190 x 10

190 x 10

190 x 10

190 x 10


notes:  These are getting easy, bangin them out.  Time to up the weight!


The joker sets ate up time, so we had to cut the ab work.  Went for a walk, cooled down.  Major session tonight!