After today I am doing a Deload:  no heavy weights (might be tempted to do a few heavy sets, haha), and NO caffeine.  Cycle off the “go go go” mentality for a week or so.  Last night of the heavies for a week!


warmup:  DeFranco Agile 8


Squats (Romaleos worn)

warmup  (30-60 sec rest)

110 x 5

140 x 5

170 x 5

main (2-3 min rest, belt worn)

210 x 5

240 x 3

265 x 6


notes:  my core was going by the last set, starting to bow forward.  So I called it at the 6th rep.


Deadlifts (60 sec rest, done barefoot, no belt, no straps)

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10



Have a good weekend!