Welcome to 5s Week!  This week we salute the #5.


I was back on the caffeine today, good thing because I was nervous!  Main lift is still heavy but starting this week, the assistance gets heavy too!  Well, heavy for me.  That means I do a warm-up on the main assist as well, so it will take a bit more time.


pre-workout:  Defranco Agile 8

Deadlifts (all barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (double overhand, 30 s rest)

160 x 5

200 x 5

240 x 5

main (belt,  2-5 min rest)

260 x 5 (double overhand)

300 x 5 (crossgrip)

340 x 8 (crossgrip)



notes:  While I was switching weights, these two guys wander in (the gym was otherwise empty), they get on the rowing machines then one guy gets up puts a bar on the ground, swipes my rubber 10 and 5 plates then goes back to the rowing machine.  I walk up to the two of them, “what are you doing?”


“What are you doing?”

“uh, like some pullups.”

“… pullups, ok.  Well can we share the rubber plates?  I am trying to do deadlifts.”


I put the plates back on mine for one set then I no longer need them, numerically speaking (didn’t need them for the 340 lift, we had 50 kilo plates).  I tell them they are all his, and he tells me he is still warming up so he doesn’t need them.

GRRRRRRR, now my blood is boiling a bit.  First you steal my plates I was clearly using, then you set up a little goofy circuit for yourself, then you go do warmup for 20 min before even starting the circuit?  Good thing this was the office gym and we are all colleagues or else I would have lost my temper.  I didn’t know them, but I can’t lose my temper at my office.  But basically, they are morons.

In the end, they dicked around for 30 min then left.  By dicking around I meant one guy did a few push presses and the other guy walked on his hands for a while.  Clearly they had no plan, no clue, no goal, no brains.



Squats (Romaleos on)

warm-up (30s rest)

115 x 5

145 x 5

175 x 5

main (2 min rest, belt)

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

notes:  for the squats today I switched to a narrower stance, with the hope I will find it easier to get a bit deeper.



Weighted Crunches (30s rest)

120 x 10

150 x 10

150 x 10

150 x 10

150 x 10

notes:  this was the kind where you sit in the chair and lean over, aka the kind of ab work fat guys find easy, lol.  I was kind of wussing out, but I felt like something easy to cooldown after the heavy lifts.

post-workout:  20 min elliptical


This workout hit me like a brick!  I enjoyed the challenge though.  Let’s get big and strong!