I have an infection in my eyelid.  But it ain’t contagious, not affecting my vision, the medication is so topical that it won’t affect anything else I take, and so… where the weights at?  Let’s put in some work.


warmup:  DeFranco Agile 8


Squats (Romaleos worn)

warmup  (30-60 sec rest)

115 x 5

145 x 5

179 x 5

notes:  I used 5 kilo plates, so that is why the last set is such a weird number.

main (2-3 min rest, belt worn)

190 x 5

220 x 5

245 x 10




Deadlifts (done barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (rest equalled time to change plates, double overhand)

160 x 5

200 x 5

240 x 5

main assist (2 min rest, crossgrip, belt worn)

320 x 5

320 x 5

320 x 5

320 x 5

320 x 5


After that, I was so gassed I gave up on extra ab work or cardio.  I had to head to the doctor to get my scrip anyways, time was short.