Got my trainer to work out with me today!  She has been focusing on running lately, but decided it would be a nice change of pace to lift heavy for a session.  Always cool to have someone in the pit with me 🙂


pre-workout:  Defranco Agile 8

Deadlifts (all barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (double overhand, 30 s rest)

160 x 5

200 x 5

240 x 5


notes:  Les hit a strong double for 225!  Not bad for such a long break 🙂

main (belt, crossgrip,  2-4 min rest)

280 x 3

320 x 3

360 x 4



notes:  Not my best session, back did not feel like it was all there for me today.  I think because of the fragile nature of this floor I had to really slow down my descents, which wore me out faster.



Squats (Romaleos on)

warm-up (30s rest)

115 x 5

145 x 5

175 x 5


main (1-2 min rest, belt)

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5


notes:  Les did a nice triple of 175!  This ran longer than our session, so she generously allowed me to continue while she moved on to her next client.  Even then, no time for abs.  It’s a beefy workload to get done in an hour, that’s for sure!


I got some food, then had a massage, then did 15 min of cardio.  And that’s a wrap!