Was, again, just in the mood for extra work.  Might have been a bad idea today, haha.


Saw this workout online:  superset DL singles and shrug triples.  Also did some warm-up.



deadlift (no shoes, double overhand)

160 x 5

200 x 5

240 x 5

notes:  all of a sudden my low back let me know it was tight AS HELL.  I needed long breaks to do low back releases:  spinal twists, waterfall yoga position against the wall.  I needed multiple minutes of breaks between warm-ups to warm up my low back.  Because the main set would not have rests.



main:  do a 70% deadlift then do 3 shrugs (rest 15 seconds, just enough time to reset your form and take a quick breath)

(belt on, still double overhand)

300 x 1 DL, 3 shrugs, reset, do this 15 times


notes:  Didn’t take time to type, but it was HARD work.  15 singles with shrugs after.  With my sore low back added in, I was worn out as heck.  No desire to do any direct arm work.  Then did a full day of work, haha.