Back to the light weight / 5 rep week.

Just not feeling too enthused today. Went for my PT session and told her don’t take any pictures I was too anti-social, and so coach was yelling “be positive!” at me for about 30 minutes until I cheered up

Also, lifting weights had me swimming with the endorphins like a retarded kid, so that was a big boost. I have not touched a weight since Friday, and I missed the rush. Lifting weights is my personal medication of choice. Some people like booze, others hard drugs, I like pushing and pulling iron.


warm-up Defranco Agile 8

Deadlifts (barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (only enough rest to change weights, double overhand)

165 x 5
205 x 5
245 x 5

main (belt, about 90 sec rest)

265 x 5 (double overhand)
310 x 5 (crossgrip)
350 x 8 (c)

Squats (Romaleos)

warm-up (change weights and go again)

120 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 5

main assist (90 sec rest, belt)

240 x 5
240 x 5
240 x 5
240 x 5
240 x 5

notes: what with the warm-up, I was running out of time if I was going to make my massage session, so I called it there – no dedicated ab work.