Welcome to my “off” week!  Off is in parentheses because I still go the gym 4 or 5 times, I just go there to push pink dumbbells along the floor with my foot 🙂


I pushed Monday’s workout to Tuesday, but didn’t want to push back Tuesday’s so double workout day, hooray!


For deload, my main lifts and my main assists hover around 50%, optional assistance can be whatever I feel like, as long as I don’t kill myself doing it.


AM Workout

Bench Press – Superset Bench and Rotator Cuff Work (no rest, change weights and go again, all bench reps are paused Spoto style)

75 x 5 / over&backs x 8

95 x 5 / over&backs x 8

110 x 5 / over&backs x 8


Fly Movement (rest 30 sec)

DB Fly 30s x 9

Cable Crossovers 85 x 10, 65 x 10

notes:  tried the DB flys, and my shoulders groaned a lot.  Obviously, that bad Shoulder workout on Thursday was no fluke, my shoulders were tweaked a bit.  Crossovers felt better, although I could see they were uneven in the mirror.


Overhead Press (60 sec rest)

75 x 5

75 x 5

75 x 5


Free Cable Widegrip Pulldowns (30 sec rest)

85 x 10

95 x 10

105 x 10


Closegrip Bench Press (30 sec rest)

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10


Standing Dumbbell Curls (twisting, 30 sec rest)

30s x 10

30s x 10

30s x 10


Incline Rear Delt DB Fly (30 sec rest)

10s x 15

10s x 15

10s x 15


notes:  then went to do a full day of work.


After work, headed over to a different gym for some more light work.


PM Workout

Deadlifts (rest only enough time to change weights and go again, barefoot, double overhand, no straps, no belt)

165 x 5

205 x 5

245 x 5


Squats (Romaleos, no belt, 60 sec rest)

all squats were ATG with a long pause.  drop all the way down… stare at myself in the mirror… back up

120 x 5 narrow stance

150 x 5 narrow stance

180 x 5 medium stance


Assisted Chinups (30 sec rest, resistance band assistance)

7 widegrip

7 hammergrip

7 hammergrip


Glute-Ham Raises (30 sec rest)

12, 12, 12


Decided 2 workouts can take the place of cardio, and went home 🙂