Doing another heavy leg workout with 48 hours rest was a test of my recovery abilities – one that I can use to better tailor my program to me in the future.


warm-up:  foam rolled IT bands, adductors, piriformis; back roll to V sit; prone spinal twist


Squats (Romaleos worn)

warmup  (change weights and go again)

125 x 5 (narrow, ATG, paused)

155 x 5 (narrow, ATG, paused)

185 x 5 (medium stance)


main (2-3 min rest, belt worn, medium stance)

215 x 3

250 x 3

278 x 8  Rep PR!!

notes:  Bar was moving really well, keeping good speed, so I decided to keep going.


Joker Sets: (3-5 min rest, belt, medium)

308 x 3  Rep PR!!

343 x 1  PR!!

notes:  308 was moving quickly, so I tried one more.  On 343 the bar down quite a bit, so I stopped there.



Deadlifts (barefoot)

warm-up (no belt, double overhand, change weight and go again)

170 x 5

210 x 5

250 x 3

315 x 1 (belt, crossgrip)


main assist (2-5 min rest, belt, crossgrip)

380 x 3

380 x 3

380 x 3

380 x 3

380 x 3


notes:  I was tired from the squats so I upped the rest a bit.  I was only going to take 2 min, but after Set 3, a guy came up and talked to me for 5 min.  I guess I have my fans 🙂  2 min rest between every other set.


after this, I decided time to go eat, so I cut the optional assistance and the cardio and went home.  Great session!