Motivation was lagging to do this on a Sunday, but I made it happen!  Commercial gym was SO busy.  It was painful.


warm-up sat there and stared at a squat rack until it became free, lol

Deadlifts (no straps, barefoot)

warm-up (change weights and go again, double overhand)

170 x 5

210 x 5

250 x 5

main (belt goes on, crossgrip, 2-5 min rest)

315 x 5

355 x 3

400 x 1


notes:  skinned my shins on set 5, so blood was now trickling down my leg.  Did minimum number of reps on the AMRAP set and called it a day.  Did not want to be unhygienic.


Squats (Romaleos)

warm-up (about 60 sec rest)

125 x 5 (narrow stance)

155 x 5 (narrow)

185 x 5 (narrow)

235 x 5 (medium stance, belt came on)

notes:  mind was up in the clouds, so I ended up doing 5 reps for all warmups.


main assist (60 sec rest, medium stance, belt)

280 x 3

280 x 3

280 x 3

280 x 3

280 x 3

notes:  weight was moving great!  for 90% this felt light.


post-workout:  15 min elliptical LISS