Got my knee sleeves in the mail!  Wanted to break them in tonight.  Evening session, wanted to get the essentials done and go home – I was worried if I kept going too late, I would find it hard to fall asleep.


warm-up:  foam rolled IT bands, adductors, piriformis; back roll to V sit; prone spinal twist; static hip flexor stretch


Squats (Romaleos worn, knee sleeves worn)

warmup  (change weights and go again)

125 x 5 (narrow, ATG, paused)

155 x 5 (narrow, ATG, paused)

185 x 5 (medium stance)


main (2-3 min rest, belt worn, medium stance)

235 x 5

265 x 3

295 x 5


Joker Sets: (3-5 min rest, belt, medium)

325 x 1

355 x 1   PR!!!

notes:  Felt great!



Deadlifts (barefoot, knee sleeves worn)

warm-up (no belt, double overhand, change weight and go again)

170 x 5

210 x 5

250 x 3

315 x 1 (belt, crossgrip)


main assist ( 90 sec rest, belt, crossgrip)

380 x 3  (took knee sleeves off)

380 x 3

380 x 3

380 x 3

380 x 3


notes:  kept the rest short on the deadlifts and pushed myself.  I realized that deadlifts with the knee sleeves on doesn’t feel good – it catches on the bar and pushes the bar out.  The further the bar is away from my body, the harder it is.  Light deadlifts felt awkward with them on, and the heavy reps felt flat out bad.  So, knee sleeves for squats only.


Squats are truly progressing!  400 is not just a dream any more.