Late night, just gonna post this and fade.



warm-up foam rolled IT Bands, Piriformis, Adductors

Deadlifts (no straps, barefoot)

warm-up (change weights and go again, double overhand)

170 x 5

215 x 5

260 x 5

notes:  Glute-ham tie felt tight and sore on the right side, so after the first warmup set I rolled on it with a Lacrosse ball for about 3 minutes.  Seemed to clear up after that.

main (belt goes on, crossgrip, 2-3 min rest)

300 x 3

345 x 3

385 x 4


notes:  Low back was rounding on the 4th rep, so I called it there.  Decided to keep going, just to see if I could get my form back for one more set.  I have to push the Jokers if I am going to be ready for week 22.


Joker Set

435 x 1 Weight PR!!

notes:  form was much better on this one.  But time was tight as hell, so I moved on to squats.


Squats (Romaleos)

warm-up (about 60 sec rest)

160 x 5 (narrow, ATG)

190 x 3 (narrow, ATG)

240 x 1 (medium stance)

notes:  Was tight on time so I cut a warmup set out.


main assist (60-90 sec rest, medium stance, belt)

290 x 3

290 x 3

290 x 3

290 x 3

290 x 3

notes:  Weight felt heavy but I got through it just fine.


post-workout:  20 min treadmill LISS