Ugh, hamstrings are SO sore from the Saturday workout.  Curse you, Good Mornings!!

warm-up foam rolled IT Bands, Piriformis, Adductors; back roll to V sit

Deadlifts (no straps, barefoot)

warm-up (change weights and go again, double overhand)

170 x 5

215 x 5

260 x 5


main (belt goes on, crossgrip, 2-3 min rest)

325 x 5

365 x 3

410 x 2


notes:  Back wasn’t feeling solid so I stopped at 2 reps on the AMRAP set.


Joker Set

450 x FAIL

notes:  Shit!!  I haven’t failed a DL in months.  I have been playing it real conservative for the past 20 weeks on Deadlifts, but decided to push myself deep into new territory, and came up short.  I got it a few inches off the ground and I couldn’t get it any higher.


Dust myself off, and move on to Squats.


Squats (Romaleos)

warm-up (change weight and go again)

130 x 5 (narrow, ATG)

160 x 5 (narrow, ATG)

190 x 3 (narrow, ATG)

240 x 1 (medium stance)


main assist (60 sec rest, medium stance, belt)

290 x 3

290 x 3

290 x 3

290 x 3 (tried narrowing my stance a bit for sets 4 and 5)

290 x 3

notes:  Rest was short, but I busted through these with confidence.  I tried bringing my feet together a bit (halfway between my warmup stance and my working stance) and found I hit depth much easier so I might try that moving forward.


post-workout:  13 min elliptical LISS