Another half-workout, it was all the time I could spare at work.


Bench Press

warm-up – Superset Bench and Rotator Cuff Work (all bench reps paused Spoto Press style, no rest between supersets)

75 x 5 / over & backs w/ resistance band x 8

100 x 5 / o&b

115 x 5 / o&b


main – Superset Bench and Free Cable Widegrip  Pulldowns (1-2 min rest b/w sets)

145 x 5 / 105 x 5

165 x 3 / 5

185 x 10  (elbow sleeves worn)  Rep PR!!


Joker Sets (2-3 min rest, elbow sleeves on)

205 x 1

225 x 1

245 FAIL

245 FAIL

notes:  240 moved quickly last week so I had a real shot at 245 today.  The first one, I think I let the bar come down too fast and I lost lat tension at the bottom, and I couldn’t get out of the bottom of the range of motion.  So I rested a few minutes and tried again.  This time I lowered it extra slow and tried to coil like a spring and use lots of leg drive.  It got about halfway up and I got stuck.  So I figured I was done for the day.


I was going to do some OHP, but instead I showed a coworker how to barbell squat.  I feel it was a worthwhile sacrifice, stop fishing for 20 minutes to teach another man how to fish 🙂  Maybe I can do my OHP work tomorrow.