Long time no see!  Week 21 was a Deload, that wouldn’t have been fun to read 🙂


warm-up: foam rolled IT Bands, Piriformis, Adductors; back roll to V-sit

Deadlifts (no straps, barefoot)

warm-up (change weights and go again, double overhand)

175 x 5

225 x 5

265 x 5

main (belt goes on, crossgrip, 30-60 sec rest)

285 x 5

330 x 5

375 x 5

notes: Bar was moving quickly enough, so decided to make a run at a PR.

Joker Set (2 min rest)

420 x 1

440 x FAIL

440 x FAIL

notes: 420 felt slow but was told it moved quick, so I went up a bit more. First time it didn’t get off the ground, so I walked away, immediately walked back and tried again. Again, did not get to my knees. so I said F it and moved on to squats.

Looking at the tape, I didn’t get my butt low enough, and was too far forward, putting it all on my back. Quite honestly, I think it was a mental block as well. 435 went up fine a few weeks ago, so I might have psyched myself out.

Squats (Romaleos, knee sleeves)

warm-up (change weight and go again)

135 x 5 (narrow, ATG)

160 x 3 (narrow, ATG)

190 x 3 (narrow, ATG)

245 x 1 (medium stance)

285 x 1 (m)

main assist (60-90 sec rest, medium stance, belt)

330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1

notes: I was borderline not depth on the second set. I was told I was losing tension in my lats and was rounding forward. So when I kept my core tight, depth seemed to clear up.

Even with tight time, was able to knock this shit out in an hour. I think if I had more time for rests (3-5 min on the working sets)I could have had those deadlifts. This kind of workout isn’t a smooth fit into an hour session with the trainer. At some point you sacrifice strength for time. But whatever. Live and learn.

post-workout: self-release myo-fascial work on: gastroc, scalenes, biceps long head and distal insertion, lats, vastus lateralis

Not in the mood for cardio after, so I just packed up my poop and went home.