Got in the office gym at 7 am, ready to get it in.

Bench Press

warm-up – Superset with Over & Backs w Resistance Band (change weights and go again, Spoto press)

80 x 5 / 8 over & backs

100 x 5 / 8

120 x 5 / 8

main – Superset with Free Cable Widegrip Pulldowns (change weights and go again)

130 x 5 ( Spoto) / 115 x 5

150 x 5 (Spoto) / 115 x 5

170 x 10 (TnG, elbow sleeves came on) / 115 x 5

notes: Decided no Joker sets while I saw how my shoulders handled the volume of the assistance work.

Assistance – OHP (using cambered bar, had to clean it off the floor to start each set)

warm-up (change weight and go again)

65 x 5

80 x 3

95 x 3

105 x 1

120 x 1

135 x 1

notes: Wanted a lot of warmup sets to see show my shoulder was feeling, also as a dry run for the form needed for the main sets. Noticed quite quickly that my shoulder was sore at the bottom of the movement, but more so if my elbows flared even the slightest. so I kept my hands on the angled part of the cambered bar (making it almost at shoulders or slightly inside) and kept my elbows pointing straight forward and there was no pain. I would press it from this position (prob always should).

main assist (90 sec rest, elbow sleeves)

160 x 1
160 x 1
160 x 1
160 x 1
160 x 1

notes: Considering I had to clean it each time, I was happy with how well all this went. Cleaning it actually built up the torque in my shoulders, so it got me ready to press.

I don’t really recommend the hybrid clean/press, in an optimal world you would be using a different grip for both exercises. But with a cambered bar I can pull off an acceptable grip, and the gym has no rack, so I had to do it old school, before racks were invented. All those old circus clown leapord unitard sledgehammer swinging muh-fukkers had to pick it up if they wanted to press it over their head, so I could do it that way too if I had to.

post-workout: 10 min HIIT on Elliptical – alternating 20 seconds high, 100 seconds low