High-carb day! It hit me like a truck, I farted when setting up for my bench press. Back arch to breaking wind manoeuvre.

Overhead Press (straight bar off the rack this time)

warm-up – Superset with Over & Backs w the heavy resistance band (change weights and go again)

65 x 5 / OB8

80 x 5 / 8

95 x 5 / 8

main – Superset with Widegrip Free Cable Pulldowns (change weights and go again, pulldowns were strict with no lean back)

105 x 5 / … my trainer set the weight on the pulldowns, forgot to give a fukk and check what the weight was… let’s say heavy weight x 5

120 x 5 / heavy x 5

135 x 8 / heavy x 5 (elbow sleeves were on for the OHP)

Assistance – Bench Press (barefoot)

warm-up – Superset with Pulldowns (change weight and go again)

bar x 10 / heavy x 5

95 x 3 / heavy x 5

115 x 3 / heavy x 5

135 x 1 / heavy x 5

185 x 1 / heavy x 5

main assist (30 s rest, straight sets, elbow sleeves on)

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

notes: As it got heavy, my form decayed. Not in the traditonal way – normally when my form goes bad, my left shoulder lifts or shrugs upward. That was fine. Instead this time, I kept drifting the bar almost right away to the right. I had to really clamp down on my core to keep the bar centered. The lift itself felt fine, but when I went to rack, it was all fukked up. Them chitty shoulder problems…


4 sets of 12 crunches (reach to the ceiling, trainer hovered over me and I pushed against the trainer’s palms, 30 s rest between sets)