WTH is wrong with me? sleep was all messed up AND I pooped a demonchild right before this session too. ruined my trainer’s studio Good thing she has a sense of humour… she just stood there stuffing her face with a Quest bar, mumbling “it smells like lavender and fukkinchit” (I sprayed, it did nothing)

Bench Press (superset w other exercises until AMRAP set)

60 x 5 / 8 Over & Backs w the heavy band (no rest between sets)
80 x 5 / over&backs
100 x 5 / over&backs
120 x 5 / over&backs
140 x 3 / Widegrip Cable Rows – 14 plates x 5
160 x 3 / Rows (increased to 30 sec rest)
180 x 8 (put on elbow sleeves)
200 x 3
220 x 1

notes: shoulder felt ok, form looked good, wasn’t doing weird crap w my shoulder or letting the bar drift right. Did 2 Joker sets then decided I was running out of time to do OHP. So I cut the supersets and tried to get it all done ASAP.


65 x 5 (no rest b/w sets)
80 x 3
95 x 3
110 x 1
130 x 1
145 x 1
160 x 1 (put on elbow sleeves, increased to 45 sec rest)
160 x FAIL
160 x FAIL
155 x 2 (push press)
135 x 5 (back to strict press)

notes: FUARKKKKK I know the short rest cost me again, but I also knew an OHP reset was in the cards sooner or later. Going to keep my Training Max for this week, then reset it for next week. After failing out of my top sets, did some backoff sets. Got it all done in an hour. Was a grumpy chithead and skipped cardio and came home.