Have been studying French all day, but had to take a break from studying to get some physical activity in, just to stay sane.


65 x 5 /SS w over&backs (minimum rest between supersets)

80 x 5 / over&backs

95 x 5 / over&backs

110 x 3 / SS w Widegrip Pulldowns 150 x 5 (upped rest between supersets to 30-45 sec)

130 x 3 / 150 x 5

144 x 8 (elbow sleeves on, upped rest to 2 min)

159 x 3

179 x Push Press for 1

notes: Bar was moving quickly in the AMRAP set so went for Joker sets. I was working with a mix of kilo plates and pound plates, hence the weird numbers. 179 would have been a PR, but I couldn’t do a strict one, so I settled for a push press, and then called it there.

I needed to get back to studying so I did away with the supersets starting with the AMRAP set, and just did straight sets from then on.

Bench Press (Spoto Press style until indicated)

bar x 10 (minimal rest)

95 x 3

115 x 1 REST x 3 (did one rep, reracked it to fix grip, then did 3 more)

135 x 1

185 x 1 (switched from Spoto to paused rep, elbow sleeves came on, rest went up to 60-90 seconds)

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

And that was it! No need to go too crazy, I have another workout tomorrow morning, and lots of chitty French to cram into my brain.