Today was rough. I had to write a French test this morning (if I want to keep my cushy govt job), so I was cramming ALL weekend. Tons of crap, all those verb tenses. Couldn’t sleep all night last night, got maybe 2 hours tops. Just anxious to get it over with. Did the exam today, now I wait for the results…

But even sleep-deprived, I did not want to miss my workout. So I put on my big boy pants and showed up for an evening workout w the trainer.

warm-up: nada

Bench Press (superset w other exercises until AMRAP set)

80 x 5 / 8 Over & Backs w the heavy band (Spoto Presses, no rest between sets)
100 x 5 / over&backs
120 x 5 / over&backs
150 x 5 / widegrip pulldowns 12 plates x 5
170 x 3 / 14 plates x 5
190 x 7 (put on elbow sleeves, touch n go reps, increased rest to 2 min)
210 x 1 (paused rep)
230 x 1 (paused)
250 x FAIL

notes: I went for the 3rd Joker Set and controlled the descent but couldn’t fully clear the bottom of the ROM. I knew it was coming; I usually crap out around the 3rd Joker Set of Bench, the AMRAP 190 set felt stiff, and the 230 rep slowed down at the top. I wish bench would blow up already, I feel like a breakthrough is on the horizon, I just can’t quite get it.

I will say that taking the Spoto Presses past the warmup sets and into the main sets has paid off. Spoto’ing 85% of my Training Max feels really good.


60 x 5 (no rest b/w sets)
75 x 3
85 x 3
100 x 1
115 x 1
135 x 1
145 x 1 (increased rest to 60 sec)
145 x 1 (put on elbow sleeves)
145 x 1
145 x 1
145 x 1

notes: The first 145 set moved slow, so I put on the sleeves and it seemed to do the trick, if nothing else as a cue to remind me to stay tense as I unrack the bar. If I try to do 145 from a dead stop and do it strict, it ain’t happening. I need to unrack it and get fired up as I unrack it and keep the shoulders engaged from the start.

Not a horrible workout for less than optimal conditions, bombed out and depleted as I was. Told cardio to F off and came home to go stream the Walking Dead ep I missed last night