Long day. Tried to rush in my work where I could.  Then we had a Xmas Party (there will be multiple parties, this was the first).

I allowed myself a mild cheat since it would be a workout day: coconut fried shrimp and a steak salad.

After work, rushed down to the fancy office gym for some epic length workout-ery.

warm-up: none, got right to it

High Bar Squats (Romaleos, SBDs)

70 x 5 (narrow stance, ATG, minimal rest – change weight and go again)
120 x 5
170 x 3
190 x 2
215 x 1 (switched to medium stance and to just below parallel)
239 x 8 @RPE<8 (belt on, increased rest to 3 min)
230 x 6 @RPE8
230 x 6 @RPE8
230 x 6 @RPE8
230 x 6 @RPE8.5

notes: The squats felt heavier today! I think my cut is starting to be felt… the tank of gas does not feel full!

OK, more thoughts on RPE… how do I tell the difference between an 8.5 and a 9? How do I know the difference between MAYBE 2 reps left… and DEFINITELY one rep left?? They are pretty close. I am not sure I know how to assess in my mind that magical point in time where I can definitely do 1 rep, but definitely NOT do 2 reps. Most of the time when I am sure I have another one in me, I am also sure 2 is somewhat possible. Eh… need to get used to it.

So I stopped at what I felt was an 8.5.

The AMRAP set was also SUPPOSED to be 239.5 pounds… but the gym doesn’t have quarterpound microplates, the smallest it has are half pound microplates, so whatever. Increasing the weight by 2.5 pounds is a retarted number. Brb hanging wet noodles on my barbell and calling it chain work. Based on how I feel I will round down or up.

Bench Press

50 x 5 (minimal rest, change weight and go again, Spoto)
80 x 5
110 x 3
130 x 2
145 x 1
160 x 10 @RPE<8 (elbow sleeves on, touch and go… by mistake)
(changed to paused reps, increased rest to 30 sec)
150 x 6 @RPE8
150 x 6 @RPE8
150 x 6 @RPE8.5

notes: I decided to burn myself out quicker and kept rests to 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes. The weight is light, I just wanted to get through it, and will do more chest work tomorrow. I also F’ed up and lost focus and did my AMRAP set as touch and go, when it was supposed to be paused. I got used to doing TnG AMRAP sets with 531, and fell into that habit again. Woops!

Deadlift (barefoot)

90 x 5 (minimal rest, conventional grip)
150 x 5
210 x 3
245 x 2
275 x 1 (changed to crossgrip, put on belt)
305 x 6 @RPE<8 (rest went up to 3 min)
295 x 6 @RPE8
295 x 6 @RPE9

notes: During the warmup sets, my feet were starting to drag, the cut had not left me with tons of stamina, and the workout had just hit the 2 hour mark. I got mad and exploded through the AMRAP set but kept it at 6 to save my energy. Blazed through the first backoff set as well, but during the second backoff set, my energy tanked again, so I called it there. Ran home to eat some food and recharge.