I didn’t get to do this assistance day last week, so I tried to think:

a. what are my weaknesses
b. what didn’t I hit on Monday
c. make it light

I decided to do some shoulders and tri’s… then got horny about the thought of doing grip work. More on that later.

Went down to the fancy gym with the trap bar (big grin on face)

warm-up: nada

Overhead Press (start off with minimal rest, change weight and go again)

45 x 5
60 x 5
85.5 x 3
100 x 2
110 x 1

122.5 x 6 @RPE8 (increase rest to 3 min)
122.5 x 6 @RPE8.5
122.5 x 6 @RPE8.5

notes: fuark, the OHP just felt HEAVY to me today. Maybe its cause I haven’t done it in a few weeks, maybe my shoulders are tired, maybe I am not used to sets of more than 5, I don’t know. Anyways, screw it, my only goal was to hit an 8.5. Move on to Triceps.

DB Floor Press (let upper arms settle on floor after each rep, start off minimal rest)

10s x 6
20s x 6
30s x 6
40s x 6
50s x 6
60s x 6
70s x 6 @RPE8 (inc rest to 2 min)
70s x 6 @RPE8
70s x 6 @RPE8
70s x 6 @RPE8
70s x 10 @RPE8.5

notes: I started out super light so I could find the position that felt best on my shoulder. Although conventional wisdom has you tuck your elbows in, that hurt the shoulder a good deal, so I went wider. Not sure how that effects how I am supposed to hit my triceps, or makes it more chest, but whatevs. Gotta be comfortable. I got bored on set 5 of the 70s and just repped it out.

Farmers Walk (used the hex bar, thick grip)

320 for 20 metres

rest 30 sec

320 for 20 metres

rest 30 sec

320 for like 3 m, put it down, took a few seconds, picked it up again, made it about 19 m total before dropping it

notes: ok! I was struck by the notion of training like a strongman, so I decided to for a walk with the Hex Bar. To my delight, it turns out the bar has a rotating grip choice: regular thickness, thick (slightly less than a regular Fat Gripz) and extra-thick (worse than a regular Fat Gripz). This gym also has a track area with a pre-measured distance of 20 metres (for the beep test? I guess)

Please bear in mind I have never gone for a walk this far or with anything heavier than regular 100 lb DBs. This was new territory, lifting a frame… a 100 lb frame with 50 kilogram plates loaded on it (!), thick grips, or walking this far… quickly.

Loaded the bar up and went for a walk. I was going to do a turn and walk back, but after that first time I decided… YEAH just once is enough lol. First walk was smooth, figured I could get through this! waited 30 sec.

Second walk I grabbed it too far forward on the grips and the frame tilted backwards. Awkward, but I made it work.

Third walk, I grabbed it too far at the back and the frame tilted FORWARDS. That felt awkward as hell, so I quickly set it down, regrouped, and picked it up again. As I tried to carry it I could feel my grip going. Tried to speed up but in the end dropped it with a giant crash in the gym just almost at the finish, somewhere over 19 m. I was embarrassed by making such a racket, so I rolled the fat motherfkkn 50 kilo bumper plates back to their home and walked over to the cardio area.

After only 3 carries, I was sweating! That is more taxing than I knew.

post-workout: 15 min LISS elliptical, heavy resistance

Loved those farmers walks!