warmup:  rowing machine for 5 min

Flat DB Press  (5 second negatives)

50s x 10
50s x 8
50s x 8   *trainer calls me out for sandbagging*
55s x 10

notes:  I was being lazy, lol.

Decline Cable Fly

60 x 15
60 x 15
60 x 15



1 min of pushups with slow controlled descents  x  2


Superset Slow Neg Standing DB Press & Side Raise/Front Raise Cables (5 second negatives on the press)

25s x 10;  20 x 10/10 (10 side raises then 10 front raises, one arm at a time)
25s x 10;  25 x 10/10
25s x 10;  25 x 10/10



notes:  Changed the DB presses to keep them more in front… felt much better on my shoulder!  For the front raises, held the attachment hammergrip style.  The pic shows this, I think.


Superset – Hammergrip Cable Extensions & DB Skullcrushers

40 x 15 / 25s x 8
50 x 12 / 20s x 10
45 x 12 / 15s x 12


notes:  for the extensions, I took off the attachment and grabbed the black rubber ball / cable end.  Feels better when I do it this way.  For the skullcrushers, doing them second in the superset sucks!  My trainer decided to keep my form tight by LEANING into my tricep with her thigh… but this ended up compressing my tricep and making the exercise even harder, lol!  Had to keep dropping the weights.

post-workout  15 min LISS
Anyhoo, whatever, rest day on Saturday, which I shall enjoy very much 😀