Went to a 24 hr gym… Xmas music on the radio… ugh…

Decided to take my time today and enjoy it. It wasn’t going to be an ideal session: normally I do these with a day of rest first, and only 3 or 4 days since the last compound lift session. Today I was doing it the day after chest and shoulders, and it had been 6 days since my last compound lift session, so I felt a little cold. Oh well, need to get back up on that horse!

warm-up: foam rolled IT Bands, Adductors, Piriformis; back roll to V sits; prone spinal twists to release my low back; static hip flexor stretches

High Bar Squats (Romaleos, SBDs)

75 x 5 (narrow stance, ATG, minimal rest – change weight and go again)
125 x 5
175 x 3
200 x 2 (switch to medium stance and parallel)
225 x 1 (belt on)

249 x 6 @RPE9 (increased rest to 3 min)

240 x 6 @RPE8.5
240 x 6 @RPE8.5
240 x 6 @RPE9

notes: Just wasn’t feeling it today, right away it felt heavy. On backoff set 3, I still felt like I had a lot of pop in me, but the bar had slowed down, so I called it. I am learning to gauge my sets not based on how I feel, but on how the bar is moving.

Bench Press

50 x 5 (minimal rest, change weight and go again, Spoto)
85 x 5
120 x 3
135 x 2
155 x 1

170 x 6 @RPE9 (sleeves on, change to paused reps, increased rest to 3 min)

160 x 6 @RPE>8
160 x 6 @RPE8.5
160 x 6 @RPE9

notes: Right away, even on the warmup sets, I could definitely notice that I had already done chest only yesterday, and it was still tired. I kept it going for a few sets but as soon as my chest got tired enough, I could feel my shoulder doing weird chit, so I stopped and moved on.

Then, as I was taking off my Romaleos, my calf cramped on me! It wasn’t the worst cramp ever, mostly because I caught it early as it was seizing, but it still pissed me off. I took a 10 minute break from the workout: I ate a snack (some Carbion and some dark choc coated pomegranate seeds, altogether about 40g of carbs), and then did myo-fascial releases on my gastrocs – dig the thumb hard in between the muscles and dorsiflex a bunch of times. When you get in there you can feel the muscles flex around your thumb, which feels weird and awesome.

Deadlift (barefoot)

95 x 5 (minimal rest, conventional grip)
160 x 5
220 x 3
250 x 2
285 x 1 (changed to crossgrip, rest went up to 3 min)

315 x 6 @RPE8.5 (belt on)

305 x 6 @RPE8.5
305 x 6 @RPE9

notes: By backoff set 2, I could feel my calf about to cramp again, so I threw in the towel and headed home.

Workout was under 2 hours, even with the snack break (but not including the warmup), so that is a good thing I suppose.

Overall sort of a lackluster workout. I am going to see if I can book a massage session, and I will load up another workout for Sunday to try and get back into the swing of things.