I am back!  Traveled for a bit.  Hit the gym a few times, nothing too serious.

I didn’t end up working out much actually. Tried one gym I found, they were on me in about 5 seconds for taking off my shoes and putting chalk on. Plus no squat rack. I was sad. And kicked out.

So I ended up spending more time with my elderly mother at her fitness classes: her tai chi group, her seniors aquacize classes, just walking outside… I went pretty catabolic over these past few weeks. I think should maybe reset my weights, but I am still so close to the start that I will just say F it and redo my last workout and start over from that point. No resets, just a quick do over session or two.
Back at it today, the first day back is always the most lacklustre.

Light day, just the main exercises, redo my workout from before I left, just ease back into it.

warm-up: nada

Superset Overhead Press and Assisted Pullups (pullups assisted for 1/3 BW, minimal rest)

45 x 5 / 5 hammergrip
65 x 5 / 5
95 x 3 / 5
105 x 2 / 5
120 x 1 / 5

move to straight sets of OHP, elbow sleeves on, increase rest to 3 min

132.5 x 6 @RPE8
132.5 x 6 @RPE8
132.5 x 6 @RPE8
132.5 x 6 @RPE8.5

notes: Got tired quick, definitely a lot of cobwebs built up over 2 weeks!

Front Squats (Romaleos, SBDs, minimal rest)

45 x 5
65 x 5
90 x 3
100 x 2
115 x 1

increase rest to 3 min

125 x 6 @RPE8
125 x 6 @RPE8.5
125 x 6 @RPE8.5

notes: Got tired even faster on this one. I should have stopped on set 2 but I was stubborn, and pushed ahead one more set.

And that was that! Packed up my poop and came home. Back at it again tomorrow as I ramp back up.