Thursday ‘nanigans.

My triceps are sore! WTF. was it the shoulder workout yesterday?? mmmk

My feet hurt as well, my toe joints are wrecked to chit. Cold weather, gout, fukoff I called an audible and scrapped the glute-ham workout today and did back in the early afternoon and some cardi-abs in the mid-afternoon.

afternoon Office-Gym Back

widegrip cable rows (60 sec rest)

125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10

notes: Felt good, threw a few slow negs in there too. I wanted to really stretch my back on the negative to encourage that pump.

1 Arm DB Rows (90 sec rest)

100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8

notes: Tried a higher hand placement for my offhand. Did not like it, my upper back kept rounding. On the last few reps on each set, let my arm hang down deep and tried to stretch my back out.

Pulldowns (grip varies, 60 sec rest)

145 x 10 Widegrip
145 x 10 Underhand grip
145 x 10 Wide
145 x 10 Under
145 x 9 Wide
145 x 8 Under

notes: Stopped a set when it seemed like my arms were assisting too much.

My back felt pumped! Success! It felt filled with blood and big. I also noticed some extra pump size going on in the biceps, thank you Back Day.

Then back to work.

Left work, went to the trainer’s studio, more fun.

Late afternoon cardi-abs

no pwo! sacrilege!

1000 somethings of rowingmachine (miles? ya sure, 1000 miles of rowing. laps?)
10 minutes on the stationary bike

biceps were still pumped, trainer commented on them, lol

Abdominal Medley: 3 or 4 sets of this nonsense
one leg V sit-ups, 10 per leg
prone leg raises with someone pushing my legs down at the top, 12 reps
side to side crunches, 20 reps
push-through crunches, 12 reps