Yup, Disco during fasted cardio. Gotta keep it upbeat and peppy.

Did some fasted cardio in the morning at the office gym. Worked all day, then went to a different office gym for some shoulders. Decided to up the rest and see if I can crank out more reps.

OHP (2 min rest)

45 x 5
75 x 5
(elbow sleeves on)
115 x 10
115 x 10
115 x 10
115 x 10
115 x 8

notes: So close to 5 full good sets! Then a young African lady was hovering nearby, and wanted to use the rack I was in, so no probs. Off I went to something else.

Right as I was setting up for Upright Rows, this guy in the Squat Rack royally fukks up. He was squatting 265, not horrible depth, but I think his stance was too wide. Just my opinion. So he is unloading the plates, and decides to do one side ONLY. So now there is 110 lbs on one side of the bar and nothing on the other, so the bar flips end over end and hits the ground barely a foot away from a lady on the stairmaster… he could have very nearly clobbered some cardio chick with a flying barbell. What a dumbass!!!

I and another guy come over to help. Squatter says he is fine and braces his foot on the plate (the collar is still on) as he tried to yank the pole out through the collar and through the plates like he is jerking off Iron Man. I gently remind him “the bar is only 45 pounds, you know”. I hope he is later struck by the lightbulb thought-bubble of physics and math.

Cable Upright Rows (rope attach, 60 sec rest)

80 x 10
90 x 10
100 x 10
(decreased rest to 40 sec)
110 x 10
120 x 10

notes: This gym has a different cable setup so I had to explore the weights to find the sweet spot. This gym also had a good rope attach, so I was using that. Then ANOTHER lady wanted to use my rope attach – this one was a 50 yr old lady with GIANT fake bombs and sun-damaged skin, like a Masters figure competitor or something. I see her in the gym all the time, she is really good at working out, its just every other choice she has made that causes me to facepalm. I offered to trade sets with her but she was very gracious and offered to wait, so I lowered the rests a bit so I could get through all 5 sets.

One Arm DB OHP (2 min rest)

20 x 10/10
35 x 5/5
55 x 8/8
55 x 8/8
55 x 8/8
55 x 8/8
55 x 7/7

notes: The 50s were being used, so I grabbed the 55s and upped the rest. Soooooo close!!! I cursed when I failed that 8th rep on the 5th set.

Because I had gotten my cardio out of the way in the morning, I just went home after that.