Only had an hour with the trainer, so had to make it count.


I wanted my PT to check my form and tell me what was going on. Sets of 3 reps of 135 used to be possible, but I was almost bombing out of 140 now.

We tried some with 95 pounds, then we tried some with just the bar. Something was messed up with my shoulder, it was pushing the bar path out FARTHER from me, and slowing me down, burning up more energy, ultimately causing me to fail. I just couldn’t bring the bar right up in to my collarbone any more. When I went empty bar and tried to really set my scapula back and bring it in… my shoulders got lopsided. It just looked like crap.

So… for now she demoted me down to Kettlebell Cleans. Once I get the hang of those, I can get promoted back up to the barbell again. I gotta start from scratch until I figure out what my major malfunction is.

Kettlebell Cleans

30 lb x 8 per arm
45 lb x 8/8
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8

notes: she was happier with my form near the end. not great, but better.

Superset Face Pulls & Pullaparts (using heavy resistance band, 30 sec rest)

20 face pulls, 15 pullaparts
20, 15
20, 15

Z Press (butt up on folded yoga mat)

45 x 5
75 x 5
115 x 6
115 x 4, then 3 assisted reps

notes: I am actually happy I am making some headway into doing these with 115. Gotta keep building.

Shoulder Complex: Cable Front Raises, Side Raises, Rear Delt Flys

20 x 10/10/10
20 x 10/10/10
20 x 10/10/10

notes: cables hurt a lot more than dumbbells and machines lol. I noticed again a pronounced lack of range on the RD flys. My joints were hurting during the whole thing. It kept me from really advancing on the weights. I might not do these complexes again with cables.

Superset DB Curls & Straight Bar Pushdowns

30s x 20 / 120 x 30
30s x 15 DROP 20s x 6 / 120 x 30

post-workout: LISS elliptical