Got up in the morning, failed at fasted cardio, haha. Whatever, went to work.

Decided to drop my carbs down to negligible amounts today. Carbs only come from veggies today. As I write this in the evening, I feel pretty worn out. And hungry in a way that fats cannot fill, lol.

Late morning, off to the office gym. Got a few emails during that screwed up my rest times, but not too many.

Superset Smith Machine Bent Over Rows & DB Flat Press (explosive reps on the rows, wore elbow sleeves throughout, 90-120 sec rest between supersets)

Bar + 70 x 6 / 50s x 20
+ 90 x 6 / 60s x 15
+ 110 x 6 / 70s x 10
+ 130 x 6 / 80s x 6
+ 150 x 6 / 90s x 6
+ 170 x 6 / 100s x 4

notes: Shoulder felt pretty good, so once I got some clean reps on the 90 lb DBs, went on to the 100s! Yay! Finally using the 100s! My rest was pretty much just enough time to quickly change the weights, then rest 90 more seconds. If I got an email, it might have been longer but that might have happened only once. I like to control my rests obsessively

Superset Pronated Closegrip Cable Rows & DB Flat Press (wore sleeves, rest was 90ish sec)

145 x 10 / 90s x 6
145 x 10 / 80s x 6
145 x 10 / 70s x 10
145 x 10 / 60s x 15 (partial ROM presses, pump them out rapidly)
145 x 10 / 50s x 23 (partial ROM presses, pump them out rapidly)

notes: It was a dual cable station, and in order to put decent weight on I had to use a straight bar, so I pronated my grip, though I would have preferred neutral. Slowed down the negatives on the rows so I could really feel my back work. Once I was on the last few sets of presses, I just wanted to bang the reps out as fast as I could, so it wasn’t full ROM, just for the pump

Arms were feeling full and looking red!

Pulldowns (grip varied, 60 sec rest)

145 x 10 widegrip
145 x 10 underhand grip
145 x 10 wide
145 x 10 under
145 x 8 wide
145 x 10 under

After this, I was done. I had work to get back to, so I put off the cardio for another workout.

I had planned to do a second workout, but the low carb really hit me! So I worked late instead and caught up a bit.

Even as I type this, forearms are still cramping from pump! Great workout