Wanted to work out during the day, but I was getting totally slammed at work, and then had to come home and go pick up dry cleaning. So I went to the commercial gym for a mid-evening session. That place is totally RAMMED! Not the kind of place you do supersets, just stake out an area and use it until you’re done. Please give me an empty corporate gym any day lol

Smith Machine Bent Over Rows (explosive reps on the rows, 120 sec rest)

Bar + 110 x 6
+130 x 6
+150 x 6
+170 x 6
+170 x 6

notes: After putting 170 on the bar, the reps stopped being explosive, so I kept it there for a few sets.

Closegrip Seated Machine Rows (60 sec rest)

180 x 10
195 x 10
210 x 10
225 x 8
225 x 7

notes: This gym has a machine row station with a really smooth action, so I took advantage of that.

Around this time, I was reminded of why commercial gyms make me roll my eyes. There was this 19 yr old manlet, about 5’7, did a few sets of strict OHP, did really well to his credit, but then spent the next 40 min just roaming the gym, occasionally talking to his girlfriend on the leg press. He would often “buzz” me, perhaps hoping I would get out of his way. Sorry half my age manlet, don’t care.

Pulldowns (grip varied, 60 sec rest)

150 x 10 widegrip
150 x 10 underhand grip
150 x 10 wide
150 x 10 under
150 x 10 wide
150 x 10 under

Nice smooth action on this pulldown station as well. Me like.

It was getting late so I only did a little bit of cardio before packing it in. My right buttcheek/ham was sore, so I upped the resistance and the incline on the elliptical, and that made it feel better a bit. Did that for about 30 min I guess.