OK! My big news!

I started training at a Strongman gym! Hooray!

I was hooked up with a another person who trains there, a friend of a friend:


And we made plans to go there on a Saturday morning, when they trained events. Back door of a warehouse, down in the basement, lies a private gym, with axles and atlas stones and a weight room and squat racks and bench racks and a reverse hyper station and all that cool chit.

I was there with 2 other noobies, and we were shown how to do it, then we did it! Took turns, long rests.

Log Press: Clean it and Press it

80 lbs for 3 strict reps
about 3 sets of 100 lbs for 3 strict reps
a set at 130 lbs for 3 push press reps

notes: I need to work on my push press. I don’t do it like ever, and it made me lose my balance. The clean here is different than with a bar, you have to roll it up your chest. Once I got used to that, doing the clean felt fine.

Farmers Walks, going for speed, walk there, set it down, turn around, pick it up and walk back

1 set with 70 lb implement in each hand
2 sets of 110 in each hand
1 set of 120 each hand
1 set with the 130 lb implements in each hand
1 set of 150 each hand

Atlas Stones!
150 lb stone, lift it to the low platform, then the mid platform, then the high platform
1 set of 3 reps of the 170 lb stone on the low platform (how low? I don’t know, over 48 inches I think)
did the 170 lb stone one time each on the 3 platforms
1 set of 3 reps of the 170 lb stone on the mid height platform
210 lb stone… I failed the first 2 times on this one while I got my form down, then finally did 1 rep on the low platform

Arms were all scraped up and sticky from tack, chalk stuck to the tack, I felt great!

I would have taken pics, but when I mentioned it to the owner, he cocked his eyebrow at me, so I thought eh… let me become a regular member first, then I can take pics when it is less busy (it was full of ppl! small gym, with like 12 ppl in there, slamming stones, running with the axle, etc.)

Paid my drop-in fee, and am definitely about ready to commit to a membership!

I think working strongman events into my training will help propel me to the next level of gains.