Just wanted a really stripped-down session: get in, do my stuff, get out.

High Bar Squats (shoes, knee sleeves, 1-2 min rest)

135 x 5 narrowstance
170 x 5 narrow
*belt on*
205 x 5 regular stance
235 x 3
270 x 3
305 x 3

Deadlifts (sock feet, 1-2 min rest)

140 x 5 hookgrip
180 x 5 hook
*belt on*
215 x 5 double overhand
250 x 3 crossgrip
285 x 3
320 x 3

notes: during my working sets, there was another guy deadlifting with what I can only assume was an intentionally rounded upper back. Lower back was fine, but he seemed to be tucking his chin and rounding the upper back. He was only doing 135, so I left him to his business. But then another guy came up to him and started giving him tips, and the guy seemed receptive, so I guess he genuinely didn’t know what he was doing. Then the advice guy pointed at me and said “do what this guy is doing”. So I said oh hell, may as well talk about his upper back. After that, the guys form improved.

Then the advice guy wanted to chat with me, ask if I was a competitive powerlifter, and so on. I can only lol at the competitive part, my form is good, but I am moving baby weights. So instead I talk about the strongman gym for a while. Anyhoo, good to know other dudes be mirin my form He said I move well for a big guy. In my head I thought, I am one of the smaller dudes in the strongman gym, but the guy talking to me looks like a crossfit manlet, so I kept my mental chatter to myself

post-workout: high resistance LISS elliptical for 20 min. The gym was humid! I was getting a major sweat going.