Turn up the bass, and enjoy the epic drumming that got me mind-pumped waiting to workout today.

Had to work late on Thursday, so moved shoulders to Friday. Just had time for something focused and dirty, do my main stuff and get back to work.

Standing 1 Arm DB OHP (approx. 3 min rest, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps)

30 x 5/5
50 x 3/3
75 x 8/8
80 x 2/2
80 x 5/5
80 x 6/6
80 x 8/8

notes: great stuff! on my first set with the 80s, I lost balance a bit so stopped the set. But as each set happened, I got stronger and more comfortable, so feel ready for the 85s next week. Only slight English with the legs on the last 2 sets, but this isn’t a strict press contest, so DGAF. I am coming for you circus dumbbell…

Seated Smith Machine OHP (approx. 2 min rest)

bar x 8
bar + 70 x 8
+ 90 x 8
+ 110 x 8
+ 120 x 4

notes: good finisher for my shoulders. Finally felt comfortable moving up past 110, to 120 on the smith bar.

Hit a few PRs, so a stellar session.