Had a wedding reception to go to in the evening, so I just wanted this workout to be stripped down and quick and basic, but still worth my time. Squats and Deadlifts it is… can’t beat the fundamentals.

High Bar Squats (oly shoes, knee sleeves, 2-3 min rest)

bar x 5
135 x 5 narrow stance
170 x 5
*belt on*
205 x 5 regular stance
255 x 5
285 x 3
320 x 1

Front Squats (oly shoes, knee sleeves, 2-3 min rest)

205 x 1
220 x 2
220 x 2
220 x 2

notes: First time doing front squats after my high bars… quads were feeling tired!

Regular Deadlifts (sock feet, minimal rest – change weights and go again)

140 x 5 hook grip
180 x 5
*belt on*
215 x 5 double overhand
265 x 5 cross grip
300 x 3
340 x 1 *no belt*

notes: Tried to keep the rest extra short and wind myself a bit. No rest, change the weights, adjust my belt, grip it and rip it again, through all 6 sets. It worked, I wanted to puke, lol. On the last set, just for my own amusement, I tried it no belt… let’s see if using the belt made me soft. Nope… it went up just fine without the belt.

Sumo Deadlifts (belt, 2 min rest)

205 x 5 crossgrip
255 x 8
255 x 8
255 x 8

notes: I find when doing sumos that my thumb gets in the way, it scrapes over my thigh too much. So when I go crossgrip, the *overhand* hand (the pronated wrist? I always mix those 2 up) goes thumbless, but the supinate wrist on the other hand keeps the bar steady. Is this ok? Thumbless sumo? Dunno, if anyone is out there, please give me advice! LOL