Well… I have been trying to take time off to let my arm heal… but 2 days in a row is more than a break, its torture. So I did a bit of shoulders

I snuck away during work to get a little in.

Standing 1 Arm DB OHP (2-3 min rest)

40 x 5/5
*elbow sleeves and wrist wraps on*
60 x 3/3
85 x 3/3
85 x 3/3
85 x 6/6
85 x 5/5
85 x 3/3

notes: first time hoisting the 85s. Heavy as fukk. Can’t hesitate with these suckers, if you take a pause or you lose your mental focus, its over.

Seated Smith Machine OHP (90 sec rest)

bar x 8
bar + 70 x 8
+ 90 x 8
+ 110 x 8
+ 120 x 4

notes: failed on the 5th rep, and called it there.

Took off and ran back to work. Fun times. Didn’t bleed through my bandage today. Success!