Very specific mission tonight – practice the axle clean and press. And by that I mean this is only my second session continental cleaning the axle, and first time ever cleaning the tire add-ons. What is the difference using the tire?? Well, the weights don’t spin they are bolted on, so when you clean it from stomach to your neck/collarbone area, it has to rotate ALL the way around. You only realize how awkward it is the first time you try it.

Axle Clean & Press (continental clean each rep)

35 lb axle x 5

*gear on: belt, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk my hands, chalk on my chest and stomach*

79 x 3
123 x 4
143 x 4
*switch to giant tires*
155 x 2
155 x 3

notes: the first time I tried to pop the tires up, I was like WTF??! I instantly realized what they meant by “they don’t spin”. You can’t just roll the axle up your chest, the tires won’t let you do that, you have to throw it up again, really explode.

Chalking up my stomach became necessary, or else the axle was sliding down my shirt.

After a few sets of that, I quickly realized a skimpy tank was a bad idea. My sternum was already red and bruised, and I am pretty sure this is going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow. Wild stuff.

Fluff work time.

Face Pulls (resistance band)

20, 20, 20

Superset: Fat Gripz DB Curls and V-Bar Pushdowns

30 x 12 / 45 x 30
22.5 x 12 / 45 x 30
22.5 x 12 / 45 x 30

notes: After my first set, I got called out by someone else in the gym for swinging the DBs. Dammit. Fine, drop the weight.

Not much volume tonight, but I had a specific target exercise to do, and will bring the volume back up tomorrow.