bleh, horrible week for lifting

I had to volunteer to work a trade show. I was on my feet in new shoes all day long, just sweatin in my suit. lots of booth babes though

by the time I got home I was dead tired, amazingly so. No workouts Wednesday or Thursday. I am a bit ashamed, but those trade shows completely took it out of me.

Friday – early afternoon office workout

1 Arm Standing OHP (approx. 2 min rest)

40 x 5/5
*elbow sleeves and wrist wraps on*
60 x 3/3
85 x 6/6
85 x FAIL
85 x FAIL

notes: WTF… on my second working set it just wasn’t happening. walked it off for 30 seconds and then came back to it… NOPE another fail. not so impressed with myself. I immediately felt in my heart that this was going to be a crap session, and to just focus on the fluff and get some work in that way.

Smith Machine Seated OHP (90 sec rest)

bar x 8
bar + 70 x 8
+ 90 x 8
+ 110 x 8
+ 120 x 4

Smith Machine Incline Bench

bar x 15
bar + 70 x FAIL

notes: I haven’t incline benched with a bar in FOREVER, so I thought I would try it with the Smith. And sure enough, my shoulder hurt like a little bitch right away… so I stopped, and moved to DBs.

Incline DB Bench

40s x 15
40s x 15
40s x 15

Superset: Hammer Curls & DB Shrugs & Band Pushdowns (90 sec rest b/w supersets)

30s x 12 / 100s x 12 / band x 15
30s x 12 / 100s x 12 / band x 15
30s x 12 / 100s x 12 / band x 15

Superset: Cable RD Flys & Over&Backs with Resistance Band (30 sec rest)

15 x 15 / 8 O&Bs
15 x 15 / 8 O&Bs
15 x 15 / 8 O&Bs

After this I should have done cardio, but the workday was over and I had to go catch my bus.

Maybe the 2 days off hit me harder than I thought, or maybe I was just having an off day or who knows, but the session will be erased from my memory ASAP.

Priority tonight is to get lots of rest and hit the strongman gym tomorrow.