Sleep was bad Sunday night, so I was a mess at work. When I left work, I immediately had to head home and rest, then headed back out for the gym. It was going to have to be an evening workout.

Anyhow, routine changes up a bit now.

High Bar Squats (CAT, 2 min rests on working sets, Oly shoes, knee sleeves)

150 x 5
190 x 5
*belt on*
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

notes: These were CAT squats, meaning go down controlled, but drive up fast, even to the point where the bar rattles at the top. Try to squat up through the ceiling. Hoping this will help me learn to power through my sticking points.

Leg Press (2 min rests, feet high and wide, toes pointing out)

8 plates x 20
8 p x 20
8 p x 20

Glute Ham Raise (60 sec rests)

12, 12, 12

Assisted Neutral Grip Pullups (assisted for 1/3 BW, 90 sec rests)

8, 10, 8

Farmers Walks : walk 20m, turn 180, walk 20m, turn 180, walk 10m (3 min rests)

100 lb DBs x 4 sets

notes: I tried a 2 min rest, and my grip was just shot. I had to up it to 3 min on subsequent sets.

I was actually supposed to do 6 sets of farmers walks, but I realized I had a massage across town in 25 min! Shit!! It had totally slipped my mind. I stayed in my gym clothes and rushed out to get there, made it barely in time.

What isn’t being communicated is that the gym was hot, maybe my pwo was kicking my butt, but I was POURING sweat by the time I got to the leg press. I was dying pretty much the whole workout.